Faith in Place @ Muslim Education Center
Saturday July 8, 2018 from 5-7 pm. 

As the month of fasting & reflection comes to an end and we have enjoyed our Eid festivities, let us turn our focus to an important topic, environmentalism and sustainability. The MCC Interfaith & Outreach Committee & MEC Youth are excited to partner with Faith in Place on Saturday July 8 from 5-7pm for an event focused on the challenges of living more justly and sustainably. Faith in Place has a long track record of partnering with faith-based organizations and communities providing education and advocacy for the environment and we are pleased to bring this dialog to both our community partners and other Islamic organizations.  While there is an environmental ethic in the Islamic faith, consider the challenges facing Muslims, Mosques and Islamic Schools.  In other words, it’s easy enough to have sustainable principles, but putting them into practice is much harder. To help address this need, Faith in Place has been an essential partner, working to transform and reshape faith based environmental education, thus providing ideas, guidance and resources, along with a vision of what can be accomplished. They can even assist you in completing an energy efficiency audit of your facilities!  Whether you choose to join campaigns, establish a "Green Team" or simply decide to lead a more sustainable life, join us for a dialog that will explore the idea of Islamic environmentalism and what that may be. Learn how your organization can benefit from local gardens, an energy efficiency assessment, the installation of solar collectors, and establishing more environmentally conscious practices.

Soul Space Interfaith Women's Fall 2018 Retreat
Sunday, November 4, 2018
2:00 to 5:00 PM
Location: The Moorings
81 E. Central Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60006

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