Women Who Heal the World

Shafaq Choudry is a student at Archeworks and has a background in architecture. She is a member of the Naperville Islamic Center.  Shafaq told the story how she was moved to shift from architecture into urban planning and how her picture landed in the pages of Time magazine.

Marcia Bregman founded and directs Healing Partners of Greater Chicago where students with training in communication volunteer to use healing touch with women diagnosed with breast cancer. She shared her story of personal healing.

Barbara Cathey is pastor of the Edgewater Presbyterian Church and engages in outreach for a community of mentally ill adults. She told a story about loss and forgiveness and the emotional healing she has received and witnessed.

Finding Soul Space in Our Lives

Our retreat was held at Reba Place Church in Evanston to listen to the presentations and share their own experience with
the ways of creating soul space their daily life. 

Marilyn Gehant, Foundress, Soul Space Interfaith, Catholic spiritual director and poet reflected on the seasons of life and changing prayer practices from formal recitations of prayer to more contemplative times of meditation and the grace of silent walks by the lake. 

Betsy Fuchs, Beth Emet, Free Synagogue member, freelance teacher of adult education offered her insights on keeping Shabbat, lighting candles alone or with friends. She also shared her sources of prayers, both traditional and those she has developed of her own. 

Samina Hussain, lifelong member of Muslim Community Center, outreach and education leader reflected on her own daily observance of Taqwa (God consciousness) with five daily prayers, the dedication of space in her home and how her observance touches every facet of ife.

Creative Women, Sacred Arts

Marilyn Price is a storyteller, puppeteer and educator. She has studied Torah extensively and taught at Center for Advancement of Jewish Education, the national convention of women of reformed Judaism and at Melton Centers. Her book, Marilyn Price and Friends Present the Alphabet from Alef to Tav, was published in 1998. Marilyn talked about storytelling and told a Torah story using her hand-designed puppets.

Melpo DeFotis is an iconographer who combines Byzantine and Russian Orthodox styles in sacred images. Her work is featured in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, private collections and on-line. Melpo described the process of making religious iconography and showed pieces of her work.

Savera Iftikhar is a photographer and illustrator who connects art with Islam. Savera received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently working towards her Certificate in Graphic Design at Parsons: The New School for Design. Savera talked about her artistic journey and shared her illustrations of family members.