What is a "Retreat"?

An amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

For the women of Soul Space, retreats are about setting aside an afternoon to gather, pray in the traditions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, hear personal  stories of the intersection of faith and the many facets of life, and talk about our own insights and experiences. There  are opportunities to ask  and answer questions, to learn from and teach one  another, draw or journal, and to just be with one another in conversation. All the sounds of women together fill the retreat space— laughter, sighs, pauses, notes of excitement, trills of surprise, low tones of confusion, searches for clarification, and even agreeing to disagree. Throughout the afternoon, retreatants receive two kinds of nourishment – inspiration for the spirit, as well as, sweet and savory snacks for the body. We hope to see you at our next retreat. Bring a friend.