How does faith sustain us through challenges and adversity?

In times of difficulty, women of all faiths rely on their beliefs for support, strength and comfort, using the wisdom and guidance of their faiths to persevere.

Our retreat speakers, representing Christianity, Islam and Judaism, will explore the teachings and practices of each religion from which they draw that reliance and discuss how faith works to sustain us through hardship.

In discussion groups that follow, we’ll consider how faith sustains us through difficulty, and talk about how faith keeps us centered and recharged, as well as how our faith community supports us.

Group Discussions

When and how do you seek the support of your faith?

 In what ways does your faith help you cope with challenges?

How does your faith community support you?

Does faith sustain you differently when things are going well and when you are facing difficulties?

Which faith practices--prayer, meditation, scripture, consultation or other faith-based sources--help you through difficulties? Do you rely on different practices depending on circumstances?