What Interfaith is NOT...

Interfaith is NOT an opportunity for evangelism. To enter interfaith discussion requires each of us to hold our own faith and to truly honor the faith of another. We respectfully engage on that basis. We let go of the urge to bring people to our convictions and our way of practicing, even as we hold them as true and essential to our lives.

Interfaith is NOT a social critique. Interfaith asks each of us to stretch and to grow in acceptance of beliefs/practices we do not choose as our own.  What may seem to us as less relevant may be profoundly essential for another. Our initiation rites, marriage rituals, burial practices, dietary guidelines, prayer offerings all differ. Interfaith conversation asks us to learn from one another and agree to expand our understanding.

Interfaith is NOT a substitute for personal religious/faith commitment.  For those of us who have withdrawn or distanced from a faith tradition, interfaith exploration may be a lure. Unfortunately, the character of questions we may then pose, are less likely to be as open when our own inner search is less focused and clear.  Each of our traditions offers welcoming sessions, where we can explore a new faith home for ourselves.

Interfaith is NOT a debate about why we believe or practice in a particular way, but focuses on how we live our faith among others who are also faithful women.  For that reason we ask questions sparingly, for clarification. As we listen to one another we may find many of our quandaries answered more fully.  We are not expecting to meet nor be experts or scholars historians or theologians.

We are women who are daughters of Abraham, sisters, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, seeking to find a safe space, Soul Space, and we are open to deeper conversation and the beginnings of new friendships in faith.  We bring our own experience and we share our wisdom.

I do believe, in the years of watching women come to Soul Space, that we want to be known and to hear how others meet life’s triumphs and challenges guided by faith.  We want to make a heart to heart connection, as we talk and laugh and sigh about what it means to live in faith.