Seeking Wisdom

Hello Soul Women,

In Proverbs 3, we read, "Blessed are those who have discovered wisdom." Wisdom, that deeper understanding, comes from reflecting on our experiences and learning in a fuller way.  The wise ones we encounter see more broadly, listen deeply, weigh alternatives, discern choices, draw from the large and small insights, and share generously.  They study, play, work and pray. 
In the Scriptures, cited by some scholars as a bridge to the Christian New Testament, Wisdom is often personified as feminine.  She is radiant and unfading and the inference is she draws her light from the abundant fullness of God.
Often we assume Wisdom is the domain of those who have lived long, yet age is not a guarantee, nor a qualifier.  Just listen to the observations of a 4 year-old and try to answer her probing questions.  You will watch the seeds of wisdom sprouting.
As women of Faith, we may grow in wisdom when we share the influences in our lives, who guides us and how, where we struggle and flourish, when we expand our acceptance of the stranger, what we learn from grappling with the complex and detecting the essentials in our world.  Wisdom shows herself: " her ways are filled with delight", according to the Book of Solomon.
Wise ones in my life have often asked questions I was not quickly ready to answer.  Questions that are seeking more than facts or information take time to ponder.
One such question is:  How does living in abundance affect us?  A corollary might be: What is enough and how does it help us live well?
If you are reading this, you are likely among our circle of wise women.  Would you consider sharing with our online gallery Reflections which features art, photography, music, and written musings from Soul Women who are living out questions?
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We are all the better for our shared wisdom as is our community and world.
Marilyn Gehant