Search for Good in One Another

Dear Soul Women,

I sense my anxiety rising when I read or hear of Islamaphobic or anti-Semitic incidents in our national print and online press. Fully aware that we are bracketing political discussion in Soul Space Interfaith, I am compelled to restate our need for more encounters and increased understanding of people of faith we do not yet know.

The Catholic bishop of San Diego, at a national Catholic-Muslim dialogue warned that social and spiritual isolation can contribute to religious bigotry.

We, the early founders of SoulSpace, thought we were initiating a timely process of connecting women believers, Jewish, Christian and Muslim; encouraging spiritual growth in an interfaith community, selecting themes we could probe together, and identifying the ethics that bind us.
Little did we foresee, when we gathered with our sacred texts one week before 9/11, how that violence would release a siege of anti-Muslim sentiment even as terrorists laid claim and misused Islam to bolster their actions, and ... how important our response.

I recently met a Muslim women who told me, in our brief conversation, how much hope she holds for us as people. More good is coming, she quietly avowed. My eyes brimmed as I realized that we are all called to look harder, longer for good to reveal itself in words and actions.

Soul Space Interfaith pledges to continue our search for good in one another.

Marilyn Gehant, Founder of Soul Space Interfaith