Ramadan and Interfaith

Dear Soul Women,

We've learned recently that Marilyn Gehant, our Soul Space foundress will be embarking on a new and exciting chapter in her life - moving to California to enjoy the beauty that part of the country has to offer and to be closer to dear ones that bring her and her beloved husband much joy.  It is a happy occasion of course, but a sad one as well because we know that after our Fall, 2013 retreat in October, we will bid a fond farewell to Marilyn from Chicago. Marilyn has promised to carry on with Soul Space Interfaith from her new location and be with us via Skype and other mediums. She will continue to edit our Reflections publication. We'll count on her visits when she can make it, and we will of course find "reasons" to visit California. 

As I reflect on what is now the almost the end of Ramadan (the month of fasting observed by Muslims each year), it has been wonderful to partake in interfaith iftars (dinners to break the fast) with Jewish and Christian organizations that
embrace the true essence of interfaith relations. Iftar at the Synagogue just celebrated its ninth consecutive year hosting Muslims for the breaking of the fast and dialogue. In fact, one of the speakers at the event, Ms. Tahera Ahmed
will grace us with her presence as a speaker at our Fall 2013 Retreat. Muslim Education Center (MEC) in Morton Grove, IL has hosted an interfaith iftar that included among guests a large contingent of parishioners
from Winnetka Presbyterian Church which has had year long interfaith exchange with MEC. The event featured speakers from the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Bahai communities.

With all that is going on in the world, it's nice to know that in our little corner called Chicago, a lot is going right. There is ample evidence that people of faith truly care about coming together. For Soul Space, Marilyn set us on this path, and we will carry on her mission and her vision for as long as God allows.

Kismet Saglam, Soul Space Interfaith